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Excellent Attorney and Staff
I recommend John Callinan as an eldercare attorney.
John prepared a new Will, Quit Claim Deed, as well as advising me about the choices I had for my husbands Care in a local nursing home. His Assistant, Paula, was phenomenal in helping me through the Medicaid process.
It took many meetings, phone calls, and emails but she was incredibly helpful in this…

—anonymous, May 14, 2020

Excellent Attorney
My sister and I hired Mr. Callinan to handle the estates of both our aunt and uncle. My aunt was living in a nursing home being paid for by Medicaid. My uncle joined her later. There was a house to be sold, inheritance tax forms to be filed, and money that eventually had to be paid back to Medicaid. Mr. Callinan and his staff were professional and extremely knowledgeable in helping us navigate the estate process. Our questions were always answered in a timely manner and Mr. Callinan made what was a stressful situation for us much easier. I would highly recommend him.

—Melinda, September 30, 2019

A Real Lifeline
Mr. Callinan was so knowledgeable and he made our initial meeting so easy. He had answers to every obscure question we had regarding medicaid and did not rush the consultation at all.
From there he involved Paula who knew everything that was needed to complete the process. She answered so many emails quickly and efficiently, re-explaining so many…
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.

—Lynda, June 12, 2019

Outstanding and Dedicated Elder Care Lawyer
John Callinan is an outstanding elder care lawyer. I have recommended him to many friends and acquaintances during the past few years. He was hired for my Mother’s Medicaid application process. This process is very complicated and I can’t imagine completing the requirements without John and his colleague Paula Fama. They made a seemingly impossible task a pleasant experience with their expertise and timely responses. I have only praise for John, Paula and their staff.
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.

—Jill, May 26, 2017

John Callinan
We would highly recommend Mr Callinan ‘s services .We knew we needed help with Elder care and we were lucky to find Mr Callinan. John and staff put our minds at ease during a difficult time. John handled everything professionally, as well as the follow through of his staff. Paula Fama knows her job and does it well. They always kept us informed. Thanks again .

—Don and Sheila, January 20, 2017

Outstanding Lawyer & Terrific Staff!
John and his colleague Paula Fama were invaluable me as I navigated the issues and challenges associated with managing the financial, estate planning and long term care needs for my mom. My interactions with John and Paula extended over several years and, as you can imagine, during that time, many questions arose as circumstances evolved and changed. That said, neither ever hesitated to make themselves available for questions…
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.

—anonymous, December 29, 2016

Excellent Attorney
John and his staff provided thorough and excellent service with my grandparent’s Medicaid application process. Going through the Medicaid application process was very difficult even with John and his staff expertise. I would say nearly impossible if we did it on our own. If you are considering an attorney to process a Medicaid application, definitely contact John. I would highly recommend and would not hesitate to retain John for his services again.
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.

—anonymous, December 12, 2016

Great Lawyer & Staff
My family was in a unique situation where one spouse needed home care services while the other needed to continue to work, while protecting assets. John laid out the plan within minutes, and his staff ensured that the plan was implemented. We could not have been happier with the final result and the professionalism of John and his staff. I highly recommend John to friends and family in need of eldercare services.

—Francesco, October 23, 2016

Professional, knowledgeable, courteous, dedicated Elder Law Attorney AND staff.
Our matter was one of Estate planing and Medicaid preparation/application for our Mother. This had us interacting with Mr. Callinan and his Legal Assistant for over 2 1/2 years, with a good amount of frequency. Honestly, there was never a time that a call or e-mail or concern was ignored or minimized. When you are dealing with a senior loved one’s care & health & finances, etc……the last thing you need is to feel put off or out of the loop or…
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.

—Joy Irven, September 15, 2016

Expert Legal Services
Mr. Callinan worked in connection with a mortgage specialist to secure for us a reverse mortgage. He was able to draft and to revise documents essential to that process. His work was done expeditiously and with a sensitivity to the importance of attentiveness to detail. We trust his expertise and highly recommend his services.

—Gerald, September 12, 2016

Our experience with Mr. Callinan was very satisfactory. He was extremely respectful of my Step-father and my family. He was willing to answer any questions we had and he responses to e-mail inquiries was immediate.

—Kathleen, August 1, 2016

The Best and Most Knowledgeable Elder Care Attorney
I hired John W. Callinan as my Mother’s Elder Care Attorney. Not only is Mr. Callinan well-versed in Elder Care Law, he is most knowledgeable with the Health Care System for the Elderly and the Laws and Policies and Procedures associated with it. Mr. Callinan was always a professional and answered all my questions no matter how big or small promptly and in a professional manner…

—Barbara, January 19, 2016

Top Notch Certified Elder Law Attorney!
I am very pleased to write that I couldn’t be any more satisified with the Law Office of John W. Callinan than I am today. Mr. Callinan is a top-notch Certified Elder Law Attorney! His expansive expertise and attention to detail, as well as that of his fine staff, specifically Ms. Paula Fama, are second to none. From day one, they skillfully guided us through complicated elder law processes which enabled my family to meet its goals. Mr. Callinan and Ms. Fama are a flawless team, and I sincerely cannot express my family’s gratitute quite enough.

—Donna, December 20, 2015

John Callinan
Me. Callinan handled both my father and mother’s estate planning. He was extremely thorough in detailing how extensive the 5 year look back could become. He followed up and reviewed all documents, making sure nothing was missed. I did not know as a disabled adult , my parents were able to gift money to me without consequence. This saved a considerable amount of money for them. I used that money for their care. Mr. Callinan also completed the health directives , Will and Durable Power of attorney . The office staff was extremely helpful in the process, managing all the massive amount of paper work. I am most grateful for their help.

—Veronica, December 10, 2015

This man is a true professional in every possible way!
We hired Mr. Callinan for a difficult estate matter. Coming from out of Georgia, we were a little reluctant as to how this all would go. Mr. Callinan was absolutely incredible from start to finish. He was very responsive to our calls and messages. His staff was always on top of things as well. He explained everything anytime we asked. We were able to meet with him in person due to a court action that was taken for the estate and not only was he incredibly friendly, but he really put all our concerns at rest with his professional demeanor, incredible knowledge on the area of law he practices and let us know we were in good hands. The estate took quite a long time to handle due to issue from family members and through it all he kept us informed. I may not live in the same state but I would not hesitate to hire Mr. Callinan again. He is truly the one professional who will get the job done right and leave you feeling like you made the best choice hiring him. I highly recommend to everyone. All professionals should show the concern and quality of work that he does on a daily basis.
Incredibe Attorney and just a great man!

—Cynthia Kloeter, June 10, 2015

Trusted lawyer and elder advocate
I was at a loss when faced with mounting medical bills and home care expenses for my elderly parents. John Callinan sorted out my financial situation, put my dilemma into perspective and organized both a care plan and financial plan that allowed my folks to live out their years in a dignified setting without sacrificing their entire nest egg.
John’s sympathy for the aging population stems from his strong familial ties with his aging parents. He himself is a primary caretaker. Tall, handsome with a firm handshake of confidence, I was reassured that every decision was the right one. His fees were reasonable and I always received a return call and more importantly didn’ feel I was on the clock like other attorneys. My parents were comfortable and John visited them in the home care setting more than once. John is up to date on all Medicare decisions and well versed in Family Trusts. His legal advice is based on your needs and interests and not aimed at generating legal fees.

—Frank, January 26, 2015

Elder Care Law
Mr. Callinan is extremely knowledgeable, nice, pleasant and sticks to the facts. My mother and I hired him, after researching about 5 other Elder-Care Lawyers, and were very pleased with him and his office. We needed to apply for Medicaid for her husband and he and his staff did a terrific job! Never could have done it without him – he is wonderful and “matter of fact.”

—Michelle, February 5, 2014

A pleasure to work with and a true professional
After speaking to several attorneys who deal in Estate Law, we knew Mr. Callinan was the man who would be the one to hire. He was very knowledgeable of all current laws and was focused on our issues at hand. He assured us with his confident and professional manner that he would help us through this estate problem. He took the time to explain every question we had and was open to different ideas as well. He was straight forward about pricing and how things would work best. He was very quick to respond even with all the other work he had to do. The other attorneys talked down to us and made us feel like we were bothering them. Mr. Callinan is a man who will look out for your best interest and make things happen. It was a pleasure to deal with such a professional and we would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a competent lawyer. Truly the best!

—Kimberly, January 11, 2014

OUTSTANDING LAWYER and found him through AVVO
We had a complex legal situation and Mr. Callinan was able to resolve our concerns to our complete satisfaction. Have dealt with many lawyers over our lifetimes and he is by far the most knowledgeable lawyer we have ever known. He runs a rather casual office environment with very reasonable fees but gives his clients exceptional service and results that exceeded our expectations. Would not hesitate to recommend John Callinan for any elder law situation.

—MARY, January 1, 2014

It pays to hire this laywer!!!!
What a challenge in trying to understand our Health Care system!! Hiring John was the best thing I could have done to help me and my Mom. John and his staff are very professional, understand the elder care laws extremely well, answers your questons very quickly!! So happy with his results!!!

—Cindy, December 6, 2012

Number #1 Elder Care Lawyer
Number #1 Elder Care Lawyer in State, maybe Number #1 Elder Care Lawyer in Country? Helped Mom and Dad in Elder Care. Extremely knowledgeable and Trustworthy, Caring and Down to Earth, with a Great Support Staff. Number #1 in keeping in touch. A pleasure to work with.

—sik, October 17, 2012

#1 Eldercare Lawyer
I worked with 5-6 lawyers in the last few months. In my opinion, John Callinan is the #1 Eldercare Lawyer. He helped my mom and dad. He is caring and has a great support staff. He was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend him to anyone in need of an eldercare attorney.

—SK, October 15, 2012

Eldercare, Patient & Knowledgeable
Our family hired Mr. Callinan when it became clear our mother was declining from Alzheimers and would need to placed in a home with 24/7 care. We recently completed the process of getting mom qualified for medicare. This was a long and complicated process. Mr. Callinan was very patient with us as we had many questions and we often needed to call him for new questions or clarifications. We had several meetings in his office along with our financial advisor and he always answered all our questions and kept us informed all through the process. He sent his knowledgeable assistant to accompany us when we met with the County social worker. My dad will now remain financially secure and my mother is being well cared for in the nursing home. We would recommend Mr. Callinan for elder care services.

—Russ M., August 5, 2012

Glad he was recommended to us
Enlisted John Callinan’s services first as my Dad’s elder care lawyer on a recommendation from a friend of my brother’s. He helped my dad with a will and much needed advice at his age.
The following year, my dad passed away and we again called John to handle the estate legalities as I was named executrix. He guided me through all the steps that the title required of me. He also was on hand to help with the legal end of the sale of dad’s home.
It was just about a full year (a very tense year) before everything was settled. And John and his very professional staff were there for every turn. I had many questions, and they were answered or addressed quickly. He returned phone calls and emails in a timely manner (once, I think he was on vacation). He is very thorough, making sure everything is done right.
From the beginning, my Dad, and subsequently, I were treated with respect and genuine concern.
I’m glad we followed the recommendation we got to call John Callinan and would definitely recommend him to anyone, and wouldn’t hesitate to call him again too.

—Karen, March 27, 2012

John Callinan Review – Outstanding Attorney
I wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation to John Callinan for the outstanding service and support provided to our family over the many years we have worked together. The professionalism demonstrated by John and his staff coupled with a strong client orientation and very thorough knowledge of multiple legal issues has resulted in exceptional experiences and very positive results. His timely response to our questions and practical guidance related to complex matters are a great asset in our view. Therefore, we would highly recommend his services to anyone in need of a very capable and qualified attorney. We are very thankful for everything he has accomplished for our family.

—Joseph, January 12, 2012

Thank you!
Dear John, I would like to thank you for all your help and understanding as I don’t know what I would have done without it. Your knowledge and skill were really appreciated on my wife’s passing. I congratulate you for all that and say thank you once more.

—Stanley, December 16, 2011

John Callinan helped with a Medicaid matter. He helped me get approved with a lot of work and research.

—Patricia, February 10, 2010

Elder Care Lawyer
John helped me a great deal with my uncle’s estate. He was very understanding and explaned everything in language that iwas easily understood. If I had any questions, he was ALWAYS available to answer them. His professionalism is unsurpassed. John made a very difficult situation easier to handle. Without his help, I don’t know what I would have done.

—Onnalee, February 9, 2010

The Perfect Elder Care Lawyer
I have used John Callinan on two occassions. Both experiences were positive and enlightening. John was able to provide us with a wealth of information that allowed us to make the most effective choices. Without him, our end result would have looked extremely different. The knowledge he has in elder care law is unsurpassed.

—Dawn, January 4, 2010

Very satisfied with the services provided.
Mr. Callinan helped my mother with her estate planning needs and with protecting her assets from possible long-term care costs. He thoroughly explained his documents to my mother and put her mind at ease. We found him to be professional, prompt, and reasonably priced. Mr. Callinan continues to send us his quarterly newsletter, which keeps us apprised of the laws affecting the elderly.

—Elder Law client, December 9, 2009

More Customer Testimonials

“John helped me a great deal with my uncle’s estate. He was very understanding and explaned everything in language that iwas easily understood. If I had any questions, he was ALWAYS available to answer them. His professionalism is unsurpassed. John made a very difficult situation easier to handle. Without his help, I don’t know what I would have done. ”


“Just stopping by to show my appreciation for the information John consistenly shares in his newsletters. I, too, have employed John on two occassions and appreciate all he had done for my family during those experiences. Hats off to John for being a voice in the community that honestly gives a hoot. (although I miss the ending blurbs about his family!)

Happy New Year to all (special hi to Beth who was also most helpful to myself and my family)! ”

—Dawn Gervase

“I promised myself as the New Year begins to thank everyone as 2009 ends for all of the nice things that they have said or done. And you, Mr. Callinan, top the list as a “special one”. Thank you, for keeping us so informed with your bulletins. Sam will be 90 and me 88, and we can’t comprehend too well, but it’s nice to know you work so hard for us elders. God bless you to keep up your “special work”.

—Appreciatively, Loretta and Sam Buzzerio

“Although I was your client for only a brief period of time, I will never forget your kindness and true concern for the rights of the elderly. My mother died shortly after meeting you (3/2/02) but I will never forget your concern when meeting her just days before her death.

I also remember you talking about a “special Valentine’s” dinner with the person I’m sure is now the mother of your children. I enjoy reading your newsletter and, although much of your information seems a bit “over my head”, I am so happy to hear you are now the father of three young children. Having three of my own I can only say you have no idea what you’re in for….get ready for a wild ride.

You probably have no idea who I am but that’s okay. I have referred several co-workers to you in the hopes that they can have a positive experience as I did, dealing with a highly emotional situation.

Best of everything to you and your family.”

—Madonna Clayton