John Callinan is an experienced guardianship attorney in New Jersey

Guardianship is a court procedure through which one individual, known as the “guardian,” is appointed to make decisions for another individual, called the “ward.” For those individuals who still retain their mental facilities, a guardianship procedure can be avoided by having powers of attorney and advanced health care directives in place.

John Callinan is an experienced NJ guardianship attorney, who has handled hundreds of guardianship cases effectively and efficiently. Having an experienced lawyer on your side can make all the difference, as any court proceeding can be confusing and scary.

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How can a guardianship lawyer help?

Having an experienced guardianship lawyer such as John Callinan can mean the difference between a costly and prolonged lawsuit and a smooth, quick process.

John performs his guardianship cases on a flat-fee basis, so you know the cost of his services at the outset. Many attorneys charge an hourly rate, which in many cases is $300 to $400 per hour. At those rates, obtaining a guardianship over a loved one can be extremely expensive. John’s experience and confidence in his abilities permits him to quote his clients a flat-fee at the outset of the litigation, so they understand all of the costs involved before they retain his services.

Choose an experienced NJ guardianship attorney. Choose John Callinan, Certified Elder Law Attorney.

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